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Virtual encounter

The Coronavirus has changed our daily lives from one moment to another. Schools have closed, travels have been limited, many shops have been closed, most of us are studying and working from home… but we have to ask ourselves: how is life at refugees camps at this moment? What is happening with those people that […]

Reflection: We all have the same rights

A group of students from the school Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Portugalete share their testimony after reflecting about why people have to flee their home:   ”We learned, through fun activities and workshops, that in the world there are many reasons that cause so conflicts and wars. Sometimes we think that migrants and refugees […]

Reflection: What I have learned about refugees and migrants

A group of students from Hijas de Jesús school in Pamplona reflected on their shifting perspectives regarding the reality of migrants and refugees: ”We have put ourselves in the shoes of refugees and migrants: we have lived – in the first person – the dangers, fears, difficulties and injustices they suffer in their flight, in […]

Young migrants and students getting to know each other

Brahim, Hamsa, Asier, Itziar and Amaya are all young people living in Bilbao. All it took for them to get to know each other was to spend time together.   Initially, they didn’t know what to expect – “I felt like: Why am I here? I didn’t know what to tell them” – but everything […]

2019 - A l'Encre Bleue