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Flying Towards Freedom

The Journey of Maurice placed third in Centro Astalli’s literary contest. It is a fable that uses the phenomenon of bird migration to recount real-life events in the journeys of refugees. The result is a fanciful story that manages to reflect the sad reality of human world events in a delicate but truthful way.   […]

A Journey Through the Mind of a Refugee

  The story All the Memories in the Glovo Bag placed second in Centro Astalli’s literary contest. The author describes one of her dreams, bringing the reader on two parallel journeys in the company of a young Somali migrant working as a Glovo driver: one journey  goes through the streets of Rome to deliver food […]

Fleeing to be Myself

  Story of Bashiir is the grand prize winner of Centro Astalli’s literary contest. It is a story about life, love, human rights, homosexuality, cultural stigma, freedom, family relationships, persecution. The protagonist, Bashiir, flees his country because of his sexual orientation, but also because – like all refugees, fundamentally – he wants to be happy, […]

Reflection: We all have the same rights

A group of students from the school Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Portugalete share their testimony after reflecting about why people have to flee their home:   ”We learned, through fun activities and workshops, that in the world there are many reasons that cause so conflicts and wars. Sometimes we think that migrants and refugees […]

Reflection: What I have learned about refugees and migrants

A group of students from Hijas de Jesús school in Pamplona reflected on their shifting perspectives regarding the reality of migrants and refugees: ”We have put ourselves in the shoes of refugees and migrants: we have lived – in the first person – the dangers, fears, difficulties and injustices they suffer in their flight, in […]

No one is born with prejudice

“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”  – Nelson Mandela   This quote […]

Young migrants and students getting to know each other

Brahim, Hamsa, Asier, Itziar and Amaya are all young people living in Bilbao. All it took for them to get to know each other was to spend time together.   Initially, they didn’t know what to expect – “I felt like: Why am I here? I didn’t know what to tell them” – but everything […]

Understanding and listening respectfully to the story of “the Other”

Students, teachers and people with an experience of migration have the power to fight intolerance and racism when they think and act together for CHANGE.   – Students are active agents of CHANGE by taking what they have learned in the classroom to the next level. – Teachers inpire students to put knowledge and energy […]

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