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Student Stage Four

  • Step #1

    Change of perspective: What if...?

    Please, think for yourself:
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  • I imagine that I have fled here from another country:

Please discuss your personal reflection results in your group and create together a "Charter of Refugee Rights"!

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  • Step #2

    What basic rights do refugees have?

    After you have watched a video in which basic rights of refugees are mentioned, please discuss the following questions:
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  • Step #3

    Role-playing: How do we want to live together?

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    In the small-town X-City a refugee shelter with 400 inhabitants was founded a few weeks ago. Many families have small children.

    Even before the refugees moved in, a citizens' initiative was formed ("Refugees: Not with us!"), which is strictly against the shelter. It warns against rising criminality and other dangers by the refugees and demands that X-City should take more care of its own population. In X-City there are social problems. If one cannot prevent the refugee shelter, one must protect the citizens at least against the refugees, the initiative claims.

    At the same time, a group of volunteer refugee helpers ("Refugees Welcome!") has been set up to support the refugees and promote good relations between refugees and locals. They point out the basic rights of refugees and that everyone in X-City benefits from living together.

    Recently there have been some thefts that have been attributed to the refugees. Some neighbours complain about noise and waste from the shelter and rumours are circulating in the city that some refugees behave "very suspiciously" and appear dangerous when they are moving around the city. At the same time, some refugees complain that they are not served in shops or are insulted on the street. They say it is be very difficult to have friendly contacts with the locals.

  • Step #3

    In the reflection after the role-play please consider the following questions:
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    Participants of the Round Table:

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  • Reflection

    By next stage, please:

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    Write down what you consider to be the 3 most important rights that you as a refugee in another country would not want to renounce under any circumstances.

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    Take a picture of objects/symbols that represent these rights.

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