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What is CHANGE about?

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CHANGE aims to encourage you to practise critical thinking regarding the subject of refuge/migration, to distinguish facts from opinions and to recognise prejudices and denigrations. In this way, you will be able to make your own well-founded judgments.
CHANGE wants to give you meaningful knowledge, experiences and encounters, and last but not least a change of perspective.
CHANGE supports you in moving from knowledge to action: In self-organised actions, you can contribute to a society in which refugees can participate and in which we all live together.

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Course structure

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The course is divided into 6 stages:

  • In stage 1

    you become aware of your own value orientations and experiences with the topic of refuge and migration and develop relevant questions - and become curious and open for the issue.

  • In stage 2

    you practise how to critically process information and how to acquire knowledge about the issue of refuge and migration.

  • In Stage 3

    you have the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of refugees and thereby gain meaningful knowledge and empathy – through testimonies and, if possible, through a real encounter.

  • In stage 4

    you practise how to make well-founded judgments and represent them in confrontation with others.

  • In stage 5

    you learn to deal with prejudices and denigration.

  • In Stage 6

    you recognize your possibilities and realistic starting points for action.
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In each of these stages there are several exercises and activities (steps).

  • For many of these steps there are worksheets with tasks, questions and information for you that your teacher will introduce.
  • There are also worksheets with reflective tasks for the stages. They should help you to keep your experiences and insight and to use them for the following actions.

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