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CHANGE fosters meaningful encounters between different groups of people that might not otherwise meet in order to shift attitudes and perspectives. Once people get to know each other, society can start to CHANGE for the better.

To break down barriers and counter potential prejudices, CHANGE invites people with an experience of migration to share their stories with students in schools across Europe.

What you share depends on you, but you could focus on your experience of living in a new country – what has challenged you and what new opportunities you have had – and what your hopes and dreams for the future are.

Participating in CHANGE as a speaker could also help you to develop valuable skills like public speaking and presenting – in a language that you are maybe still getting to know. It also will enhance your network with others – with students and educators, with other refugees and migrants and with other associations who could support you.

Your local CHANGE partner will always make sure you have the guidance, support and training needed to be a CHANGE speaker. Are you interested in learning more? Fill out the form below.

Becoming a CHANGE speaker is one way of sharing your story, but you could also get involved on the CHANGE blog and on social media by using the hashtags #IamCHANGE and #Share4CHANGE. Also, check-out and support the actions that local Student Ambassadors are organising and find out how you can participate!


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If you want to share your experiences and your hopes and dreams for the future with young people let us know! After you complete the form below, we will connect you with your local CHANGE partner who will be in touch.

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