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It is too late to get started with CHANGE in my school this year, but how can we still get involved?

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The good news is that CHANGE is a two year project (2019-2021), so if you just found out about the project but it is too late to get started – because the school year is almost over or your curriculum is already planned – you can get involved next year. Also, all of the CHANGE material – the 6-stage course and Student Ambassador programme material – will be available for use after the two years is up. So you can start working for CHANGE whenever you decide.

I am a teacher and I am not sure about teaching about the topic of refugees and migrants in my classroom. How should I approach this subject with my students?

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Fundamentally, CHANGE is about helping to students to form their own ideas – through critical thinking and making value-based judgements and this forms the basis of the 6-stage course. You don’t need any previous experience teaching about refugees and migrants to participate in CHANGE. If you need help getting started, check out the teacher’s introduction to the course and this list of external resources. If you need any extra help getting started with CHANGE or have other concerns about the course, contact your local CHANGE partner.

When I share things like stories and photos with CHANGE, how will they be used?

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CHANGE will share stories, quotes and photos of people who are involved and want to share their experiences with a wider audience. We share content on this website, the blog and social media pages – like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This helps CHANGE to have a broad impact and visibility beyond the communities where your actions happen. When it comes to your content, you always have the final say. Please see the policies, precautions and conditions page for more info.

I am a student and my teacher and school do not participate in CHANGE, can I still participate in the Student Ambassador programme?

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If you and a group of your friends are interested in being involved in CHANGE outside of school, it is possible. You need to find a mentor – like a coach, scout leader or youth minister – to help you out though. Once you’ve found someone, ask them to contact JRS Europe and your local CHANGE partner.

CHANGE does not have a partner in my country, can I still participate

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Yes, please contact JRS Europe to learn more. You can implement the educational curriculum and participate in the Student Ambassadors programme; however, we cannot guarantee we can help arrange an encounter with a refugee or that you will be able to participate in the final events.

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