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CHANGE aims to encourage students to think critically on the subject of refugees and migration, to distinguish facts from opinions and to recognise prejudices and stereotypes.

In this way, your students will be able to make their own well-founded judgments. CHANGE wants to offer your students meaningful knowledge, experiences and encounters, and perhaps a new perspective.

An important component of CHANGE is the 6-stage programme. In this programme, there are detailed lesson plans for you to implement in your classrooms. It is also possible to implement the programme if you are a mentor to outside of school (after school activities and youth groups). Each stage should take you about 45 minutes to complete with your class. Students are also encouraged to keep a reflection journal to note down any reflections and personal perspectives to compliment what they are learning.

The last stage of CHANGE encourages students to get more involved and to engage in at least two concrete actions, such as small-scale events, campaigns or service projects, to share what they have learned with their school or local communities. While you can support students in these actions, it is important that they are empowered to self-organise and to come up with ideas of their own.

Anyone can access the content of CHANGE free of charge. You can access this content through a one-time registration that enables us to provide you with information on how to complete the student evaluation assessment, arrange the visit of a refugee to your class, and communicate key updates during the project – such as information about the national and European event.

We welcome your feedback and questions while you are implementing the 6-stages of CHANGE or supporting students who are involved in the Student Ambassador programme. Please contact us at any time.


Self-awareness and self-esteem

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Critical information

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Changing perspectives

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Forming and representing judgments

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Dealing with prejudices

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Getting into action

Teach for CHANGE - How to get involved

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Are you ready to get started teaching for CHANGE? Check-out the steps for getting involved:

Get to know the project through this introduction to using the teacher’s manual and by getting in touch with your local CHANGE partner. They can offer a common training with other teachers involved or they can set up a meeting with you if you want to know more.

Register your class by filling out this form

Have your students complete the evaluation assessment – using their unique codes – to get an idea of what their thoughts and perceptions are before starting. We will send you a unique report for your class with the results.

Get in touch with your local CHANGE partner to arrange a visit of a refugee to your class. Usually, this encounter would be scheduled for the 3rd stage of the course.

Implement the educational curriculum by following the 6-stages.

Have your students complete the evaluation assessment again, in order to evaluate any changes in perspectives.

Participate with your students – or a small group of them – in your CHANGE national event at the end of the school year.

If you like, you can share your class’ CHANGE experience on the blog or on social media using the hashtag #IamCHANGE.


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Towards the end of each school year, CHANGE will organise events in each country to bring the national networks of schools and partners together.

These events are opportunities for you and your students to share what you have learned and to celebrate the good work you have been doing.

At the end of the 2021 school year, CHANGE will organise a final European event in Brussels. A small group of students, accompanied by their teacher, from each country will be invited to participate based on their level of involvement in CHANGE and the impact of their Student Ambassador actions.

Keep an eye on the CHANGE blog and social media for updates and the event schedule coming soon!

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